Best Blackberry Apps: Youtube Player App for Blackberry

If you are wondering how to watch youtube videos in Blackberry in a convenient way, than the Player app for Blackberry will give you the Youtube experience you are looking for. As you might have already aware, if you own a Blackberry with Blackberry OS 5.0 or older, the Youtube experience can be frustrating sometime.

The Player app for Blackberry is available with two versions, the free version and the Pro version. With this youtube Player app for Blackberry you can search for videos, browse the top rated videos, or see the most popular videos available, etc. Interestingly, the free Youtube Player for Blackberry can also play high quality videos.

Overall, this Player app is the best Blackberry app in the Youtube player category, in my personal opinion. The Free version of Player for Blackberry is available, while the $2.99 priced Pro version of Player for Blackberry will get rid of the ads for you.

Blackberry PlayBook Price and Availability in United States Confirmed?

RIM has introduced the Blackberry Playbook a while ago, and we have also given you the PlayBook price and also the PlayBook review. But up until now there is no confirmation from RIM about the Blackberry PlayBook release date and also the PlayBook price. The closest thing we got for the PlayBook release date was first half 2011; and the PlayBook price will be cheaper than iPad.

Just recently we got some news from DigiTimes, stating that Gregory Wade, the RIM’s Regional VP for Asia Pacific has said that the United States will get the PlayBook in the first quarter of 2011; and the playbook price will be $500. Wade also added that the Blackberry PlayBook will be available globally in the second quarter of 2011.

Wade didn’t give clear explanation about the price. Whether it is includes subsidies or not etc. But considering other internet tablet price such as iPad and Galaxy Tab, the Blackberry PlayBook will likely be priced at $500 without subsidies. (read our interesting PlayBook vs Galaxy Tab vs iPad )

In addition, we also heard that the Blackberry Playbook support “4G” technology. Therefore, there are two possibilities here, it’s either WiMax PlayBook or LTE PlayBook or perhaps the standard HSPA+ PlayBook. Meanwhile, if you want to know more about the PlayBook, read our PlayBook specs , Playbook QNX software review and PlayBook review.

Blackberry Playbook Preview and Hands On Video

At the Web 2.0 Summit event recently we saw the RIM’s co-CEO Jim Balsillie took the stage. We were hoping that he will reveal about the Blackberry Playbook, but unfortunately he didn’t. However, our friends at Engadget has managed to somehow got the first video about Blackberry PlayBook preview and hands on.

Overall, the Blackberry PlayBook preview, hands on and first impression video shows some basic stuffs; including how the PlayBook feels, and they also added this note: “warm to the touch, solid if a little plasticky, with a responsive glass touchscreen up top and a bottom that’s mildly rubberized.”

This is still a prototype of the Blackberry PlayBook. The exact release date is set at the first half of 2011, so there is still much time for RIM to optimize the PlayBook and do the real competition with Apple iPad and Samsung galaxy Tab.

Blackberry PlayBook Preview and First Impression in Action

There is a new PlayBook Preview and First Impression video coming from our buddies at Mobility Insider. It is basically a very short video; less than a minute video showing you the Blackberry Playbook in action.

From the video we can see that the PlayBook got an impressive User Interface, and the more portable size compared to iPad. Somehow it resembles a BIG Blackberry Storm; equipped with a great Operating System, the QNX. The video maker also added that the Blackberry PlayBook cameras (front and back) works awesome.

Enjoy the video and don’t forget to read our PlayBook vs Galaxy Tab vs iPad comparison, along with the

Blackberry PlayBook Pictures Leaked Again

There is another picture of Blackberry playbook leaked on the internet. As you can see from the Blackberry PlayBook picture below, the RIM’s internet tablet is certainly looking nice and very portable. As we have told you before, the RIM Blackberry PlayBook has a 7 inch screen (the same size with Galaxy tab); which makes it smaller than the Apple iPad’s 10 inch screen.

Note that the 7 inch sized internet tablet will fit perfectly on your palm hand. I think one of the main advantage of PlayBook compared to iPad is the ability to hold it comfortably with one hand.

Anyway, don’t forget to read the Blackberry Playbook vs Galaxy Tab vs iPad and PlayBook specs to learn more about the device. We will also update the Blackberry PlayBook review for you so stay tuned in best Blackberry!

Blackberry PlayBook in Black Eyed Peas video!

There is a pleasant surprise today. We just heard that Blackberry PlayBook made its first appearance in the celebrity world in a Black Eyed Peas video. This video was posted in the Will.I.Am website and it is a supporting video for “The Beginning” album.

Blackberry Fun Fact: Will.I.Am is a big fans of Blackberry etc. So it is not surprising how Blackberry PlayBook can make its way to the artists, and somehow managed to “sneak in” the Black Eyed Peas video. Enjoy the nice video showing glimpses of Blackberry PlayBook below:

BlackBerry Curve 8980 Leaked from FCC (Specs)

There’s a leaked information coming from FCC, regarding the Blackberry Curve 8980. The Blackberry Curve 8980 is known as a lower end Blackberry which specs includes a quad band GSM/ EDGE radio, and it also comes with Wireless-N WiFi and Bluetooth. In the camera section, the Blackberry Curve 8980 is coming with a 3.2 megapixel camera.

The Blackberry Curve 8980 has a pretty similar design to the popular Blackberry Bold 9700, and they said that the Curve 8980 comes with “Evolved EDGE”; claiming that it is faster than a traditional EDGE connection speed. Anyway, below are the full Blackberry Curve 8980 specs list:

Blackberry Curve 8980 Specifications:

Curve with faster EDGE for data – evolved EDGE  Radio Quad Band GSM/GPRS/EDGE with DLDC and LatRed support for Evolved EDGE  Downlink data speed 473kbps (with 8 timeslots)  Display 480×360 LCD  Camera 3.2 MP Auto Focus, Flash  Memory 256 MB Flash  256 MB SDR RAM  Wi-Fi 802.11b/g/n  Micro USB high speed, Bluetooth 2.1  GPS Supported with A-GPS ready  Optical Navigation Module  Functional Hard Keys Volume  Media Keys/Mute  Lock – A*  Blackberry OS 5  Battery M-S1 1500mAhr  UMA supported

So as you can see from the Blackberry Curve 8980 specs list above, it is not a 3G smartphone. This is definitely a low end Blackberry and I hope that the appearance of the Blackberry Curve 8980 in FCC won’t mean that it will be launched in the United States. The competition between smartphone here is a harsh one, and the Blackberry Curve 8980 will simply doesn’t stand a chance.